I’m dreaming of…Armagnac truffles

I’m dreaming of…Armagnac truffles

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How wonderful - a truffle that is healthy! And with a splash of Armagnac to give that festive feeling (this bit isn't healthy but it's very yummy and it comes from the Gers  where Puyssentut is). We love these truffles so much that we've christened them 'Gersois Truffles' because not only do they contain Armagnac but they are made with chesnuts too, which the French love, and we've given them to all our neighbours for Christmas. Merry Christmas everyone!

Ingredients (makes approximately 30):

200g chestnuts (cooked)

100g soft prunes or dates (stones removed)

1.5 shots (or a good splash) Armagnac (brandy)

raw chocolate or good quality cocoa  (add to your taste)

1tbsp coconut oil

splash of coconut cream

Grated chocolate or coconut (optional)



Put all of the ingredients in a bowel and use a hand blender to blend to a paste.

Take a small amount and roll into large marble-sized balls

Roll balls in grated chocolate chocolate or coconut


Thank you to Kirsten Chick for this great recipe.