(I can’t get no) satisfaction

(I can’t get no) satisfaction

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From the 21-28th June, John Gloster-Smith and Akasha Lonsdale will be co-hosting the Live Mindfully, Love Life retreat at Puyssentut. Mindfulness is a powerful tool of self-mastery. The retreat is open to all, whether you are well practised in Mindfulness or have yet to begin.

This retreat is for you if:

  • your mind sometimes feels like a high-speed runaway train full of negative thoughts
  • you are constantly feeling overwhelmed, wrung-out and tired
  • you would like an effective way to manage stress and anxiety
  • you are fed-up of feeling fed-up
  • you have you lost your motivation
  • you a ready to up-level your life

John and Akasha have put together an inspiring program which will help you gain insight into your life, and equip you with techniques to help you let go of what’s not working for you and make changes that can bring you greater satisfaction.

With the aim of helping you to:

  • Enjoy more energy and face each day with freshness
  • Stop feeling overwhelmed and feel more engaged in life
  • Feel more positive and vibrant
  • Focus on what you really want from life so that you can create the future you desire
  • Easily manage episodes of stress and anxiety so that you feel more motivated
  • Feel calm, centred and in balance;Enhance your relationships
  • Embrace a happier, more positive life
  • Re-discover a healthy relationship with body and mind

In addition to the workshops you can enjoy shiatsu and relaxation massages with Paula Charnley and Reiki treatments with Ellen Ritter. Delicious, nutritious food will be provided by 'Holistic cook' Hayley North.

The retreat costs £725 and includes: all workshops; shared room with en-suite bathroom; all meals; 1 massage treatment; pick-up and drop-off at Toulouse airport or train station (within specified times).

For more information and to book click here