Puyssentut’s Punk Poet Laureate

Puyssentut’s Punk Poet Laureate

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Some things are difficult to put into words. The experience of being at Puyssentut is one of them. Over the course of a week a transformation happens, it can be seen and felt and even smelled and yet it is sometimes so subtle it is hard to grasp. Above all it is very personal.

Kate - the Punk Poet Laureate of Puyssentut - found that the right words just flowed. There was no stopping them - they started tumbling out before she'd even stepped into the plane on her way home. Here she tells what made staying at Puyssentut special for her.

Poetry is simply the most beautiful, impressive and widely effective way of saying things and hence its importance
– Matthew Arnold -

I thought this was the prefect quote when I was putting together my first anthology for the family – it summed up why I was doing it and I wanted to share it here. Kate

The following composition started whilst waiting for my return flight from Puyssentut and more or less finished during the flight in seat 3A with the generous Air France pilot giving us a guided tour of all the towns we passed en route to Paris on this gorgeous clear and sunny day.

To Luscious Ladies … and a male or two
One is challenged and changed by the
direction that life takes
whether it’s chosen or not
and on the route
we are singularly touched by the people we meet
who delight and enchant us
teach us and guide us
searching for solace
from the pressures of life
we found Puyssentut and its magic began
drawing us in
being together
supporting each other
lovely Lorna and lively Lizzie
magnificent Margot and zany Zoe
and composed Kate, but was I really?
not at first but by the end
nurtured and mellowed, soothed and held
by amazing Amanda and marvellous Marianne
with helpful Helen we renewed our strength
and were uplifted
without the anchoring of Angela
and the dynamic D-K
we would not have been
fulfilled and replenished
as we were
in heart and soul
Hayley so happily fed our physiques
cleansed and fortified
we could move on
Bella so beautiful , Asha so angelic
gave the joy of the young
perfect Pierre dropped me there
and made for a whole
experience beyond what words can express
the ripples will endure
throughout our lives
in our worlds
far from Puyssentut
leaving a bit of ourselves there
but bringing back so much more
to soothe and remember forever